“In one’s quest for elite achievement, PRESSURE is a constant companion, a necessary ‘performance context’ on the road to GREATNESS. Add the essential ingredients of ‘discomfort’ and ‘fast changes’ - and we begin to understand the operating landscape upon which champions forge ultimate achievements. It is a level playing field until PRESSURE emerges and those who ‘walk towards it’ and have a ‘skillset’ that enables them to navigate the inevitable obstacles that populate this terrain, will ultimately prevail and be rightfully crowned CHAMPIONS.”

Over the past three decades, Gilbert Enoka has built his reputation as New Zealand's leading mental skills coach. Gilbert has worked as a mental skills coach for the All Blacks Canterbury Crusaders, the Silver Ferns and the Black Caps.

And it's not just on the field that Enoka applies his philosophy. Gilbert is a highly skilled practitioner who has worked on performance enhancement for over 20 years with many of our top CEO’s, and business and sporting elite.

Gilbert will be orchestrating the delivery of the lessons from Mahe, Richie, Hamish and Valerie based on his vast experience in understanding the skills required to perform under pressure and how to best deliver these tools when in the face of competition.